Sea lion pups die off of the coast of California

Recently NAOO reported an unusual event among sea lions pups, born during the summer of 2012 off of the coast of California.  Sea lion pup deaths have increased significantly. Sea lion deaths

“Radiation is being looked at, just like everything else. We haven’t ruled it out, but we really don’t suspect this at all,” said Jim Milbury, who works with the agency’s National Marine Fisheries Service. “We don’t suspect radiation because this would also mean other animals in the ocean would be affected, especially in the oceans of Hawaii, closer to Japan, and we haven’t seen any of that.”

The officials reported that the event was not due to radiation because they had not seen similar problems in Hawaii.  Apparently they were not familiar with maps fallout that showed that the plume missed Hawaii.   The pups would have been conceived soon after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.   They would have been most vulnerable to radiation.  The pups have come ashore malnourished.  According to the Christian Science Monitor,  this rate of dying is 10 times normal and the worst seen in 42 years.    Scientists are looking into the problem.  The FDA reports that there is no need to monitor.   Is this like the sheep that died down wind of the above ground nuclear tests of the 1950’s?  It was a few years before the clusters of leukemia showed up.   Then the government withheld information from the people, and it was decades before claims were won by some of the plaintiffs.

2 thoughts on “Sea lion pups die off of the coast of California

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