Greenfield’s sister city, Kawauchi, Japan.

Last night Chikako Nishiyama spoke in Greenfield. MA about her town of Kawauchi, with 2,300 residents,  about fifteen miles from the Fukushima accident.   She reported that there was much confusion at he beginning, with the government assuring everyone that there was no danger.   She became suspicious when she saw trucks doing radiation monitoring.  After several days her town was told to evacuate.   They were sent to one of the few large cities that had the capacity to hold refuges in a large civic center.  It turned out that the city they moved to had more radiation than the town that they had left.  After a year they were encourage to return.   What impressed my wife most was  a photo which Chikako  showed of evening primrose growing in the back yard.   Unlike its usual knee high form, it was now shoulder high.   Altered by radiation? They have changed the standards of acceptable radiation exposure so that many places that were regarded as unsafe are now regarded as being safe.  The medical experts are  telling people that worrying about radiation is more destructive than the radiation itself.   The disaster is being managed by the government and the officials from TEPCO to minimize liability.   The places are now deemed safe and there is no need for evacuation or compensation.   Without government authorization of evacuation the people are on their own personably responsible for the losses of home, land, and security.  The type of people who are working for the government and TEPCO are very much like the people who work for the NRC and Vermont Yankee.

It was clear to the audience listening that the problems of Kawauchi would be the same in Greenfield if there were a major accident at Vermont Yankee.

In other news this mistreatment of the people is regarded as a human rights violation.

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