Fukushima and rats, 7/5/13

In a recent post in the National there is a report that rats have become a problem:

Meanwhile, another problem has recently reared its head: an infestation of rats that has resulted in work schedules being interrupted further due to power outages. Rats are believed have caused damage that resulted in the recent short-circuiting of a temporary switchboard – with work interrupted further when staff attempting to install anti-rat nets on the premises caused a further power outage.

Here there is a fusion between science and science fiction.  Imagine, radiation-induced mutant rats start to feed on the electrical parts of a nuclear reactor.

In other parts of the post they discuss the problems of a committee who are trying to create a new corporate culture based formost  on safety.   Honda is developing new robot to explore the plant where it is too toxic for humans to enter.

Finally, TEPCO has hired a safety expert, Lady Barbara Judge,  who says that:

“It’s a mess,” said Judge. “Life without nuclear is the Emperor’s new clothes, as far as I’m concerned.”

I am still trying to puzzle out this metaphor, and I ask for readers to offer their interpretations


2 thoughts on “Fukushima and rats, 7/5/13

  1. Tim

    Ok, I’ll give it a try. “The Emperor’s new clothes” signifies an evident truth that no one dares to articulate. The unmentionable truth in this case is that the future of energy production is a future without nuclear power, because the mess of Fukishima will convince everyone that the costs of vanishingly rare, but certain, nuclear disasters are too high.

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