Geiger Counters in airplanes

An intrepid traveler, Greg,  recently posted Geiger Counter reading during a plane ride from Chile to Atlanta and then on to Portland, Oregon.   He used an Inspector Geiger Counter, and took photos of the readings.  He reports level in the range of 1100 cpm, 10 times the level to call the Hazmat officials.  His study would be more useful if it reported baseline data, as there is general agreement that baseline should be about 13 cpm, and then his results would have been more useful as a means of comparison.   Have any other people collected data while traveling with a Geiger Counter in air planes?  Or have you been able to find other hot spots?   Has anyone checked the air filter on a snow plow that was working near a nuclear reactor?   If you do, I would like to post it on this web site.    Reasonable standards to my thinking.    Collate the data by photo, as Greg has done.   Show baseline data, then event data, and finally baseline data.   With the Inspector, one gets continuous data.   With more sophisticated instruments, such as the Mazur 8000, one can collect data over a period of time, more like a dosimeter.  Give an account of the story.  I look forward to hearing from you.Image

I have written to his web site and asked him to comment on baseline data.   He has not yet responded.

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