Alarms at Vernon

A recent report (h/t to Tom Reney) states

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Vermont Yankee nuclear plant officials say two high radiation readings in the reactor building at the Vernon plant were false alarms. Vermont Yankee reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Wednesday that on June 14 and again on July 11, a radiation detector on the plant’s refueling floor issued notifications that it was getting high readings.  Plant spokesman Robert Williams says the plant’s ventilation system began shutting down, as it’s designed to do when high radiation readings are recorded. But he said follow-up checks showed that the high readings were false.

Williams says the problem has been addressed by the replacement of four radiation detectors in the plant.

If these were the only alarms, how do they know that the information was false?

In another story about Vernon  there remains debate over whether the reactor is hurting the fish.   When I first came to town, in spring the river was full of shad that had spawned and then died.  At times the river stank.   Today, dead shad are rarely seen.

Finally, in another brief report  a chemist was arrested for falsifying safety reports at the Energy reactor at Indian Point in an effort to prevent the plant from closing.   An internal audit brought out the problem.    The question in this situation is: how much is lying a part of the corporate culture in the nuclear industry.

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