Vernon Radiation Safety Meeting 7/28/13

The Vernon Radiation Safety Committee had a meeting last night at Robin’s home in Northfield, about 5 miles from  the reactor.   Andy brought Geiger Counters.   Ed had one.   Andy demonstrated how real time data could be shown on RadiationNetwork using the Inspector Geiger counter.  Andy started to set up Robin’s PC, but did not get the driver device installed.  The driver can be found at     He demonstrated how the Inspector could also be set up for a 12 hour time sample.   We talked about plans for reporting data and the different ways of presenting data.   Andy has used a format of reporting time and average, as shown in this blog.   Screen shots are another form of data presentation.   We hope to have a group of monitoring stations around the reactor at Vernon, and report if and when spikes greater than 100 cpm occur.

One thought on “Vernon Radiation Safety Meeting 7/28/13

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