Hiroshima mayor speaks out, August 6, 2013

In a post on the Hindu Business Line  the mayor of Hiroshima criticized

Japan’s nuclear cooperation deal with India on Tuesday during the annual commemoration the 68th anniversary of the historic atomic bomb attack.  “Even if the nuclear power agreement the Japanese government is negotiating with India promotes their economic relationship, it is likely to hinder nuclear weapons abolition,” Mayor Kazumi Matsui said at the ceremony.  Matsui urged Tokyo to “strengthen ties with the governments pursuing abolition (of nuclear weapons).” The anniversary came as the government was criticised for trying to restart more nuclear reactors and to export nuclear technologies despite the nation’s worst nuclear disaster two years ago.

Meanwhile, President Abe of Japan vows to resume using nuclear reactors.

I am currently reading Ralph Nader’s book, The Menace of Atomic Energy, written in 1977.    I have never thought of Nader being an optimist, but he wrote that, if there were a major melt down of a reactor, then the industry would be finished.   Now there have been multiple accidents, and Indian business interests are preparing to purchase this technology from Japan, which no longer has a history of safety.  It seems to be institutional madness.


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