News of the Flotilla at Vernon, 8/10/13

A recent article in the Rutland Herald reported that the NRC has accepted a suit that raises questions about Entergy’s finances.  Deb Katz was quoted as saying:

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will investigate the finances of three nuclear reactors owned by Entergy Nuclear — Vermont Yankee, Pilgrim in Massachusetts and the FitzPatrick reactors in New York — as a result of a petition by four anti-nuclear groups.  Deb Katz, executive director of the Citizens Awareness Network, said Saturday that the NRC accepting the petition for review was a major accomplishment for the groups. She said she hoped the NRC would get answers to many people’s questions about Entergy’s financial status.  Katz made her remarks during the “Flotilla 2013” rally and protest Saturday on the banks of the Connecticut River, directly across from the Vermont Yankee plant in Vernon, Vt. .

I went out in a boat and took this picture.  It shows the guard towers with guards who have shoot to kill orders, the fences, and the concertina wire.   It looks like a prison, but it is to keep people out.   The place is that dangerous.   What other industry has such powers of protection other than prisons and the military?   I went further down stream and put a thermometer into the water.   it went from 74 to 84 in about thirty feet at the outflow track.FImage


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