Wall Street Journal, credibility of nuclear industry questioned, 9/16/13

In a recent post the Wall Street Journal reported:

When Tokyo finally said last month it would deal with the festering Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, the world might have cheered.  It didn’t. Instead, the government’s belated call to arms showed how dangerously haphazard the response to history’s second-biggest nuclear-plant disaster has been.   We now watch as tons of contaminated water spill daily into the sea off Fukushima. It’s a new phase of the crisis. It’s a danger to Japan. And, fairly or not, it’s a challenge to the nuclear industry‘s credibility.

I think that it is remarkable that the Wall Street Journal, so often the champion of capitalism, is questioning the integrity of an industry.  Nuclear reactors are an industry that even the capitalists are having trouble supporting.


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