Risks at Fukushima, past and future, 10/01/13

There was a recent post in Slate magazine that stated that the risks of dangers to Japan were overblown by the media.  The article went on to discuss how the clear heads prevailed, in not alarming the public.   Buried in the report was the following statement:

The biggest source of concern, both men agreed, was the spent fuel pool in Reactor No. 4, which U.S. nuclear experts in Japan believed had lost its capacity to retain water following a nearby explosion. A lack of water in the pool could mean that the 1,000-plus rods of fuel would heat up, catch fire, and emit so much radiation that any workers in the immediate vicinity would fall fatally sick within hours. Such a fire would lift large amounts of dangerous and long-lived radioactive particles into the atmosphere. Supplying water to the other reactors could then become impossible; their fuel would melt and more radiation would be emitted.

The Japanese are making plans to remove the fuel rods from reactor 4.   If any mistakes are made, then this disaster may ensue.   Think about this.   The biggest disaster at Fukushima may not have occurred yet.  Are there any trustworthy adults around who can this successfully?  Should we leave this in the hands of TEPCO, who has been in charge for the last few years?


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