Hot fish tale, 10/02/12

There is a report that of a radioactive fish

The maximum level of radiation allowed in foods for human consumption is 100 becquerels/kilogram.  The murasoi caught inside the 20 kilometer area near the plant — which is closed to humans — registered 254,000 becquerels cesium/kilogram. Again, that’s 2,500 times higher than the government-imposed limit. It is also 10 times higher than the radiation measured last August in scorpion fish caught near Fukushima.

Curiously, the murasoi specimen caught near Fukushima did not seem to show any major abnormalities in terms of its physical appearance.

Cesium mimics potassium and is avidly concentrated from dilute amounts found in water.   That there is no  physical effect apparent does not mean that the fish and its progeny will do well.    It takes time for the effects to show.


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