Ralph Nader on nukes, 10/14/13

I recently reported on a meeting in Boston about the reactor at Plymouth.    There was a similar meeting held in New York City, discussing the reactor at Indian Point, near New York City, that also had Ralph Nader.   Aljazeera quoted Ralph Nader as saying that

 that the lack of preparedness for an accident in the New York City area was the most compelling reason for shutting the plant down.  “The way to arouse people around Indian Point is to repeatedly demand a real-life drill for the evacuation plan they’re supposed to be putting in your local libraries. And not 10 miles around, where there may be 280,000 people, but go out 20 or 30” miles — distances that would include millions, Nader said.  “Anything is better than nuclear … even fossil fuel as the transition,” he said.

An evacuation trial would show how unrealistic the plan is to even include an evacuation.   The article says that, if the wind blew  a  radioactive plume toward Manhattan after a Fukushima type accident, it would make Manhattan uninhabitable for years.


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