Typhoon to hit Fukushima 10/15/15

The WSJ reported today that the most powerful typhoon in a decade is to hit Tokyo and Fukushima

Typhoon Wipha is expected to make a landfall in the greater Tokyo area early Wednesday morning. The Japan Meteorological Agency says it is most powerful typhoon to close in on Tokyo in 10 years. Heavy rains and powerful winds are forecast along the eastern and northeastern Pacific coastal areas, including Fukushima. That has many worried about what will happen to the plant and the thousands of tons of radioactive water stored in tanks there.

NRA head Shunichi Tanaka has said for months the leaks aren’t as serious as many people think. Rather, one of the “largest risks” is that of another major natural disaster, such as an earthquake or powerful winds hitting the Fukushima site. That could destroy the makeshift tanks and the water processing equipment, releasing radioactive materials into the environment at “much, much greater levels than we are talking about regarding the leaks,” Mr. Tanaka warned. “Before that happens, we must clean the water to lower the contamination levels as soon as possible.”

The fate of the Northern Hemisphere may hang in the balance as the typhoon approaches the cost.   Let us hope.

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