A bad day at the office, Fukushima

The Guardian reported on morale of the workers  at Fukushima.   The article is worth reading in full, but I will offer a brief quote:

Shigemura is most concerned about the 70% of Tepco workers at Fukushima Daiichi who were also forced to evacuate their homes by the meltdown. They have yet to come to terms with that loss and many live away from their families in makeshift accommodation near the plant.

“They were traumatised by the tsunami and the reactor explosions and had no idea how much they had been irradiated,” Shigemura said. “That was the acute effect but now they are suffering from the chronic effects, such as depression, loss of motivation and issues with alcohol.”

The more experienced workers have reached their limit of radiation exposure, and may not work.  New workers come.   Everyone is in protective gear, which minimizes human contact.  No family contact at the end of the day.  The crisis has been going on for years.     Mistakes are being made and make the news.   What a terrible place to work.    The workers must be torn between the responsibility of trying to save the world and the realization of how overwhelming the task is.


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