VSNAP takes a nap

Earlier this week the VSNAP (Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Board) met to discuss the future of Vermont Yankee.     Dr. Bill Irwin displayed a stunning attention to detail, and spent the begging of the meeting correcting the previous minutes, offering grammatical and punctuation corrections to the minutes, while never discussing the substance of the minutes.    Then one panel member gave a long talk about the treachery of Entergy; they would make good eye contact and shake hands, but never put anything into writing.  Finally, they debated whether to send a message to the Public Safety Committee, supporting SAFSTOR as part of the decommissioning rather than DECON.   According to the NRC, it is up to to owner to decide which method to use.  In SAFSTOR there is timely progression to storage of the nuclear rods in concrete caskets; in DECON the nuclear rods may be left in wet storage for 50 years before they progress further.  After a lengthy discussion, the motion did not carry.   There was a concern that any resolution with teeth would be offensive to Entergy.

I had an opportunity to ask questions.   Vermont Yankee is a LLC, limited liability corporation.   VY has about $500 million for decommissioning.  If the decommissioning comes in under budget, there is no problem.  However, if there are cost overruns  , can VY declare bankruptcy and leave the state.   The answer is yes, they can leave, and there is no law to stop them.


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