How much evidence is enough?

There is a recent post outlining 28 different events that might be related to the disaster at Fukushima.  Some of them have been already covered here, such as the sea lion deaths off of the coast of California, billions of Bequerels released, hot fish found,  water seeping into the sea.

This post was followed by another post, that suggested that all the above arguments have significant flaws.

Take the time to read both.  The first post discusses possibilities.  The second post seems to raise the question of whether the arguments presented are reasonable beyond shadow of doubt.  How much evidence do we need to decide that nuclear reactors should be shut down?Since radiation is invisible, and its effects are delayed and variable, there is no way to immediately assess its impact.    One of the stories discusses infections in fish.   Could the problem be just the infection, or could radiation weaken the immune system, and make the fish more susceptible to infection?


One thought on “How much evidence is enough?

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