Help at TEPCO are hired by thugs, 11/8/13

There is a recent post (t/h to brother Tim) about the clean-up at Fukushima.  The work that TEPCO should be doing  has  been subcontracted out to the Japanese gangsters, who are exploiting the works who have run into trouble with the mob.  A quote from the report:

In this race to the bottom over workers’ rights and pay, many subcontractors with allegedly questionable connections gained control of the impoverished Fukushima prefecture’s market for cleanup jobs. It is those companies that have taken advantage of the staggering shortage of cleanup workers and allowed companies associated with the plant with alleged ties with Japan’s organized crime syndicates, the yakuza, to flourish. And there are close to 50 gangs affiliated with three major syndicates in the prefecture alone – a fact that had an effect on the local labor market long before the tragedy of March 2011. …

In some cases, workers in debt to the yakuza would be hired, with brokers deducting their debts direct from their wage packets – often brown envelopes. What would follow was labor at sharply reduced wages, as the men worked tirelessly to pay back the brokers that hired them.

There is a call to put the control of the disaster at Fukushima into responsible hands:

The calls from knowledgeable science and media people — those not affiliated with an apparent neoliberal (privatized anti-regulation) protection racket — to put this situation under international control are coming fast and thick. I covered many of them in an earlier post, including industry engineer Arnie Gundersen and Dr. Helen Caldicott, both of whom are very very worried.

The longtime activist and writer Harvey Wasserman is also concerned, and has a petition you can sign that says, “Turn the site over to international control.”

I encourage everyone who is concerned to sign Harvey Wasserman’s petition asking for international control.


2 thoughts on “Help at TEPCO are hired by thugs, 11/8/13

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