Former TEPCO head gets new job

A recent post in BBC states that:

The former president of Tokyo Electric Power, Masataka Shimizu, is due to start a new role with Fuji Oil Company ..Mr Shimizu’s new employer says the firm is keen “to use his profound experience in the energy sector”, but did not comment further on his role or his salary…  Last year, there were calls for Mr Shimizu and other Tepco executives to be charged with a criminal offence.

 The myth is that  corporations are thought to run as a meritocracy, where the successful were promoted, and the unsuccessful were left behind.  Now, being in charge of something spectacularly unsuccessful, the disaster at Fukushima, seems to be no impediment to landing good jobs.  Where is the merit in this?    No, this is crony capitalism, when friends are rewarded for being friends.


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