Typhoons wash the mountains of Fukushima

A recent report states that:

Last year, the radioactive content of Japan’s rivers dropped because of fairly moderate typhoons. But more frequent and fierce storms this year have brought a new flood of cesium particles.   This is, said Evrard, “proof that the source of the radioactivity has not diminished upstream”…There is a definite dispersal towards the ocean,” LSCE researcher Olivier Evrard said. The typhoons “strongly contribute” to soil dispersal, though it can be months later, after the winter snow melts, that contamination passes into rivers.  Local populations who escaped the initial fallout in November 2011 could now find their food or water contaminated by the cesium particles as they penetrate agricultural land and coastal plains, said researchers.

The land has been contaminated, and heavy rains wash the particles into the sea.  Along the way, there is contamination of the rivers.   Floods will leave nucleotides on flood planes and farm land.  The dispersion continues.

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