Die-off of star fish on West Coast in California

There has been a recent report of a the die-off of star fish off of the coast of California:

 – the Washington Post covered the die-off just this week. But nothing brings it home like seeing what “Diver Laura” James observed in West Seattle waters this weekend. She recorded video off Seacrest on Saturday and uploaded the clip (go here if you can’t see/play the embedded version above) early today, two weeks after she documented dead stars on the beach (as reported here). Discussing her video early today via e-mail, she told us, “I knew it was bad, but I hadn’t seen it in a couple weeks, and it was crushing to see bodies piled on top of bodies and the pilings bare.”

The article goes on to say that the cause remains obscure.   There is some speculation about Fukushima, but no one seems to be doing the hard science on star fish to see whether there is increased cesium.


One thought on “Die-off of star fish on West Coast in California

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