Another Chernobyl / Fukushima in Washington State?

Hanford. Nuclear Disaster. How many do we need before we
say, “Enough of this Madness.”

write wireless

I guess we haven’t learned from our mistakes.

I guess the cheap and easy way

is worth the death and grotesque mutation

of all our progeny, and that of all species on the planet.

We are spending 33% of our national nuclear cleanup funds

on one plant that is leaching terrible, irreversible and permanent destructon

into one of the most beautiful, pristine places in the country—

Washington/Oregon’s Columbia River Valley.

The poison will never stop leaking, because nuclear waste

simply cannot be contained.

Not only are the tanks leaking, but gases are building up within them that could lead to an explosion, which would then spread the toxicity throughout the air.

Why are we poisoning mother earth?

Not because of nuclear weapons,

not (directly) because of war,

not because of perversity or bad will,

but because of ignorance, expeditiousness,

and a lack of regard for 30 generations forward …

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