General Electric (GE) apparently quite ignorant about Fukushima nuclear disaster


questionGE Designed the Faulty Fukushima Nuclear Reactors… And Their Official Response May Surprise You  THE MIND UNLEASHED on 11 December, 2013 By: Ethan Indigo Smith, Guest Contributor, General Electric were the designers of the flawed reactors that blew up in Fukushima Japan.

I called General Electric Corporate headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut today to find out what they had to say. The phone number there is 203 373 2211. I initially spoke with Linda who, to my absolute astonishment, knew nothing of Fukushima. ……..the reaction speaks volumes to me……..

……….It was obvious I was the first reporter/living, breathing human being to call there and inquire about this mess; their representatives were completely clueless……… And they apparently have nothing to say about it.

Please assist me in inquiring of GE what they think about the ongoing disaster in Japan. As the designer of the faulty nuclear reactor, their silence about its ongoing effects…

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