The local paper, the Northampton Gazette, had a recent article in which the Connecticut River Watershed Council predicted that there may be ice next year down stream from the nuclear reactor at Vernon.

Not seen in a generation: Vermont Yankee closing to reduce water temps, may produce icing on Connecticut River |

This topic has been discussed previously on this blog.   Today, Dec 16,  I went out looking at the Connecticut River.  There had been a day a few days ago with the temperature down to 10 F, with a wind chill.  Winter has begun.  Here in Northampton  the Connecticut River is open at NorthamptonSportsman12.16.13, the Oxbow is frozen

Oxbow from bridge

Oxbow from bridge

, and the river is frozen above the reactor at VernonVernon  and open at the dam below.Vernon Dam

I believe that when Yankee Vernon stops releasing its thermal plume, the river in Northampton will look much more like the Oxbow.   It seems apparent if one takes the time to look.


One thought on “Vermont Yankee closing may produce icing on Connecticut River

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