Increased radiation at Half Moon Beach

There have been recent reports in the news about increased radiation at Half Moon Beach in California.

I was able to go there on a trip to California, and here is my data. They show that the radiation along the coast at Half Moon Beach is twice as high as the radiation downtown.  . It does not indicate what the source of the radiation might be, nor does it indicate that the radiation amount has increased.

More sophisticated tests could determine whether cesium 137 were present.   if it were present, it would indicate that the radiation came from a nuclear reaction, because there is no naturally occurring cesium 137.  On the other hand, cesium 137, being a potassium analogue, will be picked up by biological tissues avidly, concentrating potassium 100 fold.

If more studies were done there and up and down the coast, and if studies showed rises in averages, then it would raise the concern that some of the increased radiation was coming from the disaster at Fukushima.  After all, there have been reports of boats washed ashore in Oregon.   The radiation will be coming to the West Coast.   The question is: how much and for how long.

Geiger counter in Palo Alto 1/5/14 for 18 h

Average Max Min total
12 26 3 13K

Half Moon BeachAt Half Moon Beach for 45 min

Average Max Min total
25 50 5 1083

average at Half Moon Beach

At Half Moon Beach downtown for 2h 22m

Average Max Min total
11 21 3 1706

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