Nuclear reactor to heat environment

An article about the nuclear reactor at Morris, Illinois, (h/t to Leslie) reports that nuclear reactors are quite useful for warming up the environment.  This issue has been reported previously on this blog.   It seems that they were having ice dams on the river, and flooding was threatened.   They turned to the local nuke, and used their thermal discharge to make the ice go away.

The Will County Emergency Management Agency is siphoning the water from the station’s cooling pond to lower the risk of ice jams forming on the Kankakee River. Will County began siphoning the water Jan. 11 and will continue the process through Jan. 25.   “During the recent cold weather, a significant amount of ice has developed along many portions of the river,” said Harold Damron, EMA director, in a news release. “This icing can form ice jams, which can cause serious flooding and damage to structures on the banks of the river. The warm water from Dresden’s pond helps to break up the ice and move it down the river.”

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