Who says updates not needed at Vermont Yankee?

A recent article in the New London Day (h/t to my sister, Margot) discussed what  is being done at the Millstone reactor in Waterford, Ct.  in light of the disaster at Fukushima.   They are building  a facility to protect equipment  which would be needed in an emergency.

“Fukushima showed we need to do more,” …The dome would house emergency equipment required by the NRC that could be used to keep critical systems running at Millstone’s two operating reactors in the event of power outages, storm surges and other emergencies.  The dome would house additional portable pumps and generators the NRC is requiring plants to keep on site, as well as bulldozers, ATVs and other heavy equipment that would be needed to remove fallen trees and other debris to gain access to the plant after a storm.

These actions are not being taken at Vermont Yankee.   Problems identified  are not being addressed.   What type of recklessness is this?  Is the thinking that the plant will be closed soon  and it would cost too much money and take too much time.

One thought on “Who says updates not needed at Vermont Yankee?

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