Stars and Strips: Stricken sailors claim radiation injuries

There was a recent report in Stars and Strips that Congress has asked the Defense Department to look into the plight of the sailors who were on the USS Ronald Reagan, when it was stationed off the coast of Fukushima after the disaster.   They swept up the radioactive snow that fell on the flight deck of the air craft carrier.  Precipitation will bring down the radioactive dust and concentrate the radioactive particles.  There are already 50 who have bee made ill, with many more projected to enter the suit.  By law the sickened soldiers cannot sue the US Government, and are trying to sue TEPCO.  The sailors  will not get any support from the people, the Department of Defense,  who put them into harms way.

ronald reagan

Congress has instructed the Defense Department to launch an inquiry into potential health impacts on Navy first-responders from Japan’s March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.  The request, made in the explanatory statement from the House that accompanied the fiscal 2014 budget bill that passed Congress this month, comes as a growing number of sailors and Marines have joined a lawsuit against Tokyo Electric Power Co.  While the instruction is not law, Defense Department officials said that they were taking the request seriously.  “The Department treats reporting requirements included in committee reports seriously and tries to respond to all of them,” Defense Department spokesman Army Lt. Col. Catherine Wilkinson wrote in a statement to Stars and Stripes.

     The Defense Department could probably give a better report if they had not decided there was no problem, and cancelled the  registry, as previously reported on this  blog.    It seems that the Defense Department is more interested in defending the corporations than its own citizens.   I am not comforted that the spokesman said that they will try to respond to all the requests.   Who will defend the sailors from the Defense Department?In this case use of science is being denied because of the political concerns, protecting corporate interests.

2 thoughts on “Stars and Strips: Stricken sailors claim radiation injuries

  1. Schuyler Gould

    This is a huge development. In being forced to acknowledge the problem, the Defense Department will have to explain how this epidemic of radiation related illness could possibly be taking place, given that the “reported” levels of radiation released after the reactor meltdowns could not possibly cause such incidence and severity of illness according to modern medical theory. Either the theories are wrong, or the reports are wrong, or both. It will be very hard for DoD to remove this from public scrutiny, though we can expect them to try. It is also important because affected military personnel have thus far been denied treatment and/or benefits because the military has refused to give them diagnoses which attribute their illnesses to their service. Hopefully these soldiers will now, or at least soon, be getting the treatment and benefits that they deserve. And if legitimized in this way, their suit against TEPCO will get some legs.

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