Radiation effects found in seals in Alaska

A recent article  reports that cesium levels have risen in seals, and that thyroid cysts have been found for the first time.

In the days and weeks following 3/11, cesium-134 levels were roughly equal to cesium-137 levels. It is highly unlikely that cesium-134 was detected in the seals from the 1990s. If cesium-137 levels were comparable, adding in the cesium-134 means the 2011 seals should have about double the total cesium levels than the seals from the 1990s.  In addition to cesium-134, exposure to short-lived radionuclides like iodine-131 were left out of the discussion. According to official estimates, iodine-131 releases from Fukushima wereestimated to be 10 times higher than cesium-137. Iodine-131 is blamed for causing various thyroid issues in exposed humans. According to the scientists who examined these seals and walrus, thyroid cysts were observed — something that appears to never have been documented before in this area.

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