Hungry ghosts at Fukushima

There was a recent post in the London Review of Books (h/t to brother Tim) about ghosts in Fukushima.   The spirits, disturbed by the events at Fukushima,   have been causing episodes of possession.   It is worth reading in full.  The essay  describes the possession of Ono.   Kaneda, a priest,  recites the heart sutra and brings Ono back to his senses.

Kaneda spoke to him sternly; they both understood what had happened. ‘Ono told me that he’d walked along the beach in that devastated area, eating an ice cream,’ the priest said. ‘He even put up a sign in the car in the windscreen saying ‘disaster relief’, so that no one would stop him. He went there flippantly, without giving it any thought at all. I told him: “You fool. If you go to a place where many people have died, you must go with a feeling of respect. That’s common sense. You have suffered a kind of punishment for what you did. Something got hold of you, perhaps the dead who cannot accept yet that they are dead. They have been trying to express their regret and their resentment through you.”’ Kaneda smiled as he remembered it. ‘Mr Bean!’ he said. ‘He’s so innocent and open. That’s another reason they were able to possess him.’

Much of the discussion of the disaster at Fukushima has focused on the physical realm.  There has been some discussion of the psychological effects.    This piece discusses the spiritual realm.   The spirits are disturbed.


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