Why Fukushima is a disaster

A recent post by Harvey Wasserman listed 50 reasons why we should fear the worst about Fukushima.  He summarizes much of the information about the harm of the nuclear age, and cites his references.  Among others he cites the reference for the claim that nearly one million Russians have died because of the disaster at Chernobyl.

Alice Slater, representative in New York of the Nuclear Age Peace  Foundation, comments: “The tragic news uncovered by the comprehensive new research that almost one million people died in the toxic aftermath of Chernobyl should be a wake-up call to people all over the world to petition their governments to put a halt to the current industry-driven “nuclear renaissance.’ Aided by a corrupt IAEA, the world has been subjected to a massive cover-up and deception about the true damages caused by Chernobyl.” Further worsening the situation, she said, has been “the collusive agreement between the IAEA and the World Health Organization in which the WHO is precluded from publishing any research on radiation effects without consultation with the IAEA.” WHO, the public health arm of the UN, has supported the IAEA’s claim that 4,000 will die as a result of the accident.

The evidence is mounting that the nuclear age is not bringing a peaceful atom but rather unseen forces of destruction that threaten not just humans but all the creatures living on Mother Earth.    Let us hope for the end of this nuclear madness.


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