Japan: nuclear power is right

There was a recent report in Deutche Welle:

Emboldened by the election of a pro-nuclear governor of Tokyo, Japan’s utilities and national government are setting their sights on having 10 reactors operational by the summer.  The Japanese government is scheduled to release its new basic energy plan before the end of March, with a document expected to identify nuclear energy as a key component of the national energy mix.  The only problem with this commitment to atomic energy is the fact that every single one of the 48 nuclear reactors across the country is offline at present, with utility companies awaiting the approval of local authorities and communities before they can resume the generation of power…environmental activists and members of the public have attempted to block the resumption of nuclear power generation…They argue that, given the Fukushima crisis, it would be irresponsible to return to atomic energy in a nation so prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters and that the utilities are simply not able to guarantee that a similar accident will not happen again in the future…But the national government has sensed a change in public opinion since the election of Yoichi Masuzoe as governor of Tokyo on Sunday, February 9, largely on a platform of restarting the nation’s reactor…

The bureaucrats are busy preparing documents proving that nuclear power can be made safe.   In fact, the article closes with a quote by an expert, Wade Allison:

In contrast to what has been portrayed as one of the worst industrial catastrophes to befall mankind, Wade Allison, emeritus professor of physics at the University of Oxford, argues that what happened at Fukushima actually demonstrates the inherent safety of nuclear energy and underlines his contention that it should be the fuel of the future….”The science of the problem is well understood and means that the fear people have of nuclear energy is completely unjustified,” said Dr. Allison, a member of Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information (SARI) and author of “Radiation and Reason: The impact of science on a culture of fear.”…”The public reaction to the Fukushima situation has raised questions not only about radiation, but also about public trust – and I believe that is the more serious problem that we have to deal with,” he said….”There have been no deaths from radiation from Fukushima. What we have seen is a worldwide panic caused by uninformed public fear,” he argued. “We have an extraordinarily beneficial relationship with nuclear energy and instead of shunning it, we should embrace it,” Allison added. “There are lots of things that threaten our lives, but nuclear energy is not one of them.”

How can there be trust when the government is committed to keeping secrets?   This seems to be propaganda put out by the likes of the Federation of American Scientists.


One thought on “Japan: nuclear power is right

  1. prkralex

    There seems to be lot of support for the nuclear energy in Japan. Even after affecting it to the most worst condition, still there are politicians who favor it. There are examples where countries have built smaller nuclear reactors that can supply power to the required areas.

    I think Japan should learn from it.


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