Physician concerned about children in Tokyo

I recently received a report (h/t to my brother Tim) about a Japanese physician, who has observed that some of his patients have developed a low white blood cell count, particularly a low count of their neutrophils.   He goes on to recommend that children should be evacuated from Tokyo.  He has examined over 1,500 patients.   However, when he is asked directly

Would you say you have enough results to publish a conclusive study? If not, what needs to be done before you can?
I don’t think so, because I didn’t control the location of the patients. The data wasn’t from patients living in one specific area. They came from various areas such as Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa. In addition, some of the patients had been moving around before came to my clinic. I think I would need to collaborate with other doctors who are conducting the same tests. I presently don’t have adequate data for a conclusive study. Not yet, anyway.

I  am unsure what to conclude.  I understand that Japanese physicians are under great pressure not  to discuss radiation illnesses with their patients.  For this I admire  the physician.  None the less, if he has 1,500 patients, he should be able to make some determination of how many of his patients have white cell counts below the lower limit of normal.  I would think that the recommendation to evacuate should be made on more substantial grounds.


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