Letter to Olympians, thinking of Tokyo, 2020

Japan plans to hold the Olympics in 2020, and wants to reassure the world that Tokyo is safe.  I came across this piece.   Mr. Takashi Hirose says that this is not so, and wants to spread the word.    He maintains in his essay that there are levels of radiation in Tokyo nearly 100,000 Becquerels per square meter, that are comparable to areas in Chernobyl.  He maintains that the water  and food is contaminated.


7 March 2014
Mr.Takashi Hirose would like you to read these files 1-6. After that, would you possibly spread these files to your friends ?
Takashi Hirose  
Journaliste activiste / Anti-nuclear activist & journalist
Former engineer and journalist, Takashi Hirose warns about nuclear dangers and its industry in numerous publications. In Japan everyone knows his name and several of his works became best-sellers like “the time bomb”.
Interview conducted by Keiko Courdy for  Au-delà du Nuage °Yonaoshi 3.11_ Japan

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