TEPCO knew, and did nothing

There was a recent report about the nuclear disaster at Fukushima.

An adviser to Prime Minster Shinzo Abe during his first term, Kurokawa continues to criticise the government and industry. He delivers speeches around the country to prod the public to demand greater transparency and improved public-safety measures from the nuclear industry.

According to the report, government regulators and Tepco had understood since 2006 the impact catastrophic weather could have on coastal nuclear plants. Japan is vulnerable to powerful earthquakes, and officials knew that if the plant was hit by a giant tsunami, a total electrical outage could occur, potentially damaging the reactor cores. Regulator the Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency (Nisa) knew that Tepco had failed to prepare for these risks, but took no action.

As in many cases, the questions are: what did you learn, when did you learn it, and what did you do.   It seems that TEPCO and the government were aware of the risks that  earthquakes and  tsunamis pose to nuclear reactors, and  have chosen to do nothing.  Even after the disaster, there has been no change in the corporate culture to address these serious issues.  The mark of intelligence is the ability to learn from mistakes.

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