Vermont Yankee workers “dis” police

In a recent post the Vermont Digger reported on a bomb scare at the nuclear reactor at Vermont Yankee in Vernon, Vermont:

An official from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said in a statement that the situation was not handled appropriately, and Entergy staff in Vernon did not follow proper procedures.

Vernon police were called to the plant Nov. 4 and the officer who responded turned off his portable radios and cellphones as he approached the pipe in the “south forty,” a shipping and receiving area outside the “protected area” where nuclear power production buildings are located at the plant, according to the report.

The officer recommended that the security manager and superintendent call in the bomb squad.

Against the advice of the police, Entergy employees duct taped a piece of string to the pipe, stood back and pulled the string to see if it “went off,” according to the report.

       This seems to be more irresponsible behavior on the part of the staff at VY.   The ask the police for help, the police say that experts are needed, and the staff at VY decide that they can deal with the problem after all.  Thank goodness that this was a false alarm.  I can only imagine what would have happened if the police were called to a private home on a bomb scare, and the residents disregarded the recommendations of the police.


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