Public Service Board grants permit to Vermont Yankee

There was a report today that the Public Service Board has said that:

 The Vermont Public Service Board on Friday voted to authorize the operators of Vermont Yankee to close down the nuclear power plant by Dec. 31.

Since Entergy has decided to close on that date already, this decision is unlikely to have any impact.  Many activists had been hoping that the Public Service Board would have challenged Vermont Yankee to shut down sooner because of Vermont Yankees’ history of misleading the pubic.

The Connecticut River Watershed Council wrote a response  cited in the article that:

the Board also acknowledged that if the VY Station were going to operate for an additional eighteen years, the evidence put forward by CRWC, VNRC and the ANR might have led the Board to “conclude that Entergy VY had not met its obligation to demonstrate that the discharge would not adversely affect the water quality” of the Connecticut River. The PSB therefore recognized that there are concerns with the VY Station’s thermal discharge.

The question of thermal discharge has been previously discussed on this blog.   Thus, concerns remain on the part of the PSB about Vermont Yankee, but VY is apparently free to do whatever they want.


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