DIY Electric Clothes drier

    There are many problems associated with  electric clothes dryers.  They require lots of energy.   Note the large 220 Volt circuit breaker.   The EIA reports that clothes dryers use about 6 % of the household energy. Further,  during the winter,  when the temperature gets below freezing, the air in doors of homes gets very dry.  Mucus membranes in the nose dry.   Furniture cracks,  and plants get dry.  Static electricity develops. In this situation consider what happens when  the moist clothes come out of the washing machine. The clothes are placed in a dryer; the moisture is further heated, and blown out of the vent to outdoors.   This moist warm air must be replaced: cold dry air is drawn from outside into the house, and the house gets cooler and drier.  Then the house heat has to  go on to warm the air.  By this process dryers cool homes.   

    Instead, I use an indoor clothes rack to dry my clothes.   Generally, this drying  is a slow process and is one of the complaints about drying indoors.   I use my summer fan on the clothes  on drying rack.  With its gentile breeze the clothes will dry in a few hours, humidity will be added to the air, and heat will not be lost.  



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