Three Mile Island Followup

There was a recent report of followup of the disaster at Three Mile Island.

A professor with the University of North Carolina School of Public Health led a study of cancer cases within 10 miles of the facility from 1975-85. Dr. Steven Wing’s findings were published in the Journal of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in November 2003.

According to his report, hundreds of local residents questioned the NRC’s position that high-level radiation exposure as a result of TMI was impossible. People who lived near TMI reported metallic taste, nausea, vomiting diarrhea, erythema, hair loss, deaths of pets and farm and wild animals and damage to plants………………………..Lung cancer and leukemia rates were two to 10 times higher downwind of the TMI reactor than upwind…………………….

The article said that the NRC has said that no one  was injured at TMI.    Hundreds of residents have reported illnesses consistent with radiation sickness occurring at the same time.   This seems to be one more example in which the government is willing to collude with industry to lie to the people.



One thought on “Three Mile Island Followup

  1. Davind Nader

    I think there are laws against these activities. The obstacle would seem to be the ‘corrolation doesn’t prove causation’ defence .Its all pretty criminal.


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