NYT: Area near Fukushima unlivable for generations.

The New York Times reported that some  300 residents will be allowed to return to areas around Fukushima that received lower doses of radiation than others, out of the over 100,000 displaced.   The article says that mostly old people will return; they have the deepest attachment to their homes.   Most of the young people with children will choose to stay away.  Without young people moving back,  the area will slowly lose its population.  The article goes on to say:

That it took three years to reopen even Tamura’s small, relatively uncontaminated area underscores just how long residents of other, more heavily contaminated communities are likely to wait before they can return.   Some experts say the most highly radioactive areas to the northwest of the plant may be unlivable for generations.

I wonder who “some experts” were.    Experts are usually identified by name, or given confidentiality because of positions of high power.  That “areas may be unlivable for generations” pushes the time frame beyond the 40-60 year time frame often cited for cleaning up the plant.

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