US betrays its troops

There was a recent blog about how the US government has treated those who have been injured while serving in the Armed Forces.  The article says:

“You always hurt the one you love, the one you shouldn’t hurt at all”

If there’s any truth to that pop standard’s message, then America must surely love its heroes. Because, much as we lionize those who stare death in the face so that the rest of us may live peacefully, once the spotlight shifts away from the heroes of each war or disaster, as often as not our government officials callously toss those heroes aside.

     The article cites the treatment of the Bonus Army in the 1930’s; they were wounded veterans of World War I, who were forced out of their Washington encampment by the Army using machine guns, under the command of MacArthur, Patten, and Eisenhower.  There continue the stories of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, Gulf War Syndrome after the war in Iraq.  The official story was one of denial on the part of the government, and suffering on the part of the service people.

      Much of the article is focused on the plight of the sailors who were on the USS Ronald Reagan.   The official position is that there was no risk, but many of the sailors had a constellation of symptoms that was characteristic of acute radiation sickness:

Alvarez says that based on the illnesses that Operation Tomodachi participants are reporting, the real radiation doses were likely very large. “We’re hearing the same kinds of complaints that I was hearing from the people exposed to fallout from the bomb testing program—the metallic taste in the mouth, loss of hair, and sudden and unexpected illnesses,” he says.Symptoms like that indicate “tissue-destructive doses.” –

       Many of the sailors have found that their medical records have no documentation of their exposure to radiation while in the US service.   They are joining the list of those who have been betrayed by their government.   Science is being trumped by politics.   The government has “the backs” of the nuclear industry; together they denying the reality of the nuclear age.  This alliance of business with government, coupled with denial and no accountability,  has created a most  destructive force,  that threatens life as we have known it.

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