WHO Fights Cancer with Expensive Technology, not Prevention

I  came across a press release from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IEAA) about their fight against cancer. on World Cancer Day, Feb 4, 2014.     

The IAEA is a key actor in efforts to tackle cancer in developing countries. The Agency works with its Member States to improve access to radiotherapy and nuclear medicine, and partners with organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) to strengthen national cancer control programmes.

According to the WHO, seventy percent of cancer deaths now occur in developing countries, where resources to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease are often limited. During the last three decades, the IAEA has delivered more than US $260 million of cancer-related assistance to developing countries, including equipment and training.

Now I understand the position of he World Health Organization, that they have been unable to find evidence of cancer among the people exposed at Fukushima.   They are facilitating the exporters of nuclear technology, probably in collaboration of the World Bank.  Markets are to be developed for corporate interests.  



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