NRC agrees; Entergy could walk from Vermont Yankee

Recently I went to the NRC meeting Brattleboro about the closing of Vermont Yankee.   There was  report about this  in the Sentinel about the meeting.   They reported that on a question I posed, based on my recent post:

One audience member asked if Entergy could walk away from its responsibilities altogether if it went bankrupt during the decommissioning process.

Michael Dusaniwskyj, an NRC economist, said there are so many scenarios that could surround such a situation that he hesitated to speculate, drawing loud jeers from the crowd.

After the meeting, however, Dusaniwskyj explained that if something like that occurred, the NRC would ask a bankruptcy judge to prevent any funds set aside for decommissioning from being used to pay off Entergy’s debtsBut if the company was truly broke, he said, “either the ratepayer or the taxpayer is going to have to pick it up.”

This is a big problem.   Entergy VY is a LLC, limited liability corporation, and they have no reason not to go bankrupt if the funds are not available.

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