High count of 145 cpm found on West Coast.

There has been a high radiation count  of 145 at a single site reported on the West Coast:


Details are lacking, but this site at Radiation network should be monitored to see whether it is a persistent finding.

I was able to confirm this by checking on the map today, May 31, at http://radiationnetwork.com/ at 1;50 PM, EDT.

I have subsequently returned to the radiationnetwork.com web site, and clicked on the alerts.   There is a good discussion of the findings, and  the summary of the findings is as follows:

Summary: This appears to be a genuine detection, and not a false alert.  To the extent it may be relevant, the Shell Beach station is located about 4 miles east of the operating Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.  Could the Monitoring Station have detected some sort of release from the plant?  To explore this, the graphs and spreadsheets from our software can at least serve asdocumentation of an elevated radiation level in close proximity to the plant.  Their Date/Time Stamps will help correlate with any related activity at the plant.

The other explanation of Shell Beach’s alert level, based on the graph pattern, could be the passing of a local radioactive weather pattern, as we have often seen with other monitoring stations.  Such phenomena is sometimes, but not always associated with precipitation, but is often related to an overhead jet stream pattern.  In the case of Shell Beach, weather conditions were clear.  The Jet Stream map at the time of the elevated levels showed a “detached” portion over Southern California, and we know that airborne particles have a chance to fall from the jet stream along its fringes.  As a reminder, a radioactive weather pattern can be either naturally so from its decaying Radon gas constituent, or artificially radioactive from manmade causes.  Only an isotope analysis can distinguish between the two.


As of today, the counts have returned to normal.   I will continue to follow these reports.   High Geiger Counter counts show increased radiation, but cannot identify sources.   More information can be found on this blog at the  pages post about Geiger Counters.

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