The foul legacy of mounting radioactive nuclear trash

The problems relating to nuclear waste have not yet been addressed. This blog addresses several of the issues. The cost of cleanup will run into the billions and will last for decades and decades. The article suggests that nuclear waste must be moved away, but there is. in fact, no away. Meanwhile, the cumulative radiation will lead to much morbidity and mortality, which have both their own moral social and financial costs.


The nuclear option still dogged by waste disposal problems,6675  Climate News Network 16 July 2014 Nuclear power is seen as one of the possible solutions to climate change, but the recent closure of five U.S. power stations is forcing the industry to face up at last to the damaging legacy of how to deal with radioactive waste. Paul Brown fromClimate News Network reports.  

LONG-TERM employment is hard to find these days, but one career that can be guaranteed to last a lifetime is dealing with nuclear waste.

The problem and how to solve it is becoming critical. Dozens of nuclear power stations in the U.S., Russia, Japan, and across Europe and Central Asia are nearing the end of their lives.

And when these stations close, the spent fuel has to be taken out, safely stored or disposed of, and then the pressure vessels…

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