On the endangered reactors list: Pilgrim and Columbia?

This article states that Gov. Devault Patrick of Massachusetts has expressed his opposition to the nuclear power plant run by Entergy in Plymouth Massachusetts. He goes on to say that the NRC does not care what any government officials say. There is an effort to demand cooling towers at Plymouth. ( Actually, the towers heat the environment. ) The cost of putting in cooling towers may be an economic spike in to the heart of the nuclear vampires.


Massachusetts Governor Patrick Deval told a group of anti-nuclear protestors yesterday that he supports shutdown of the Pilgrim reactor near Cape Cod. He added that he would write a letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commissioners asking them to close the reactor but said, “It doesn’t matter what I think.”

Massachusetts' Pilgrim reactor. Massachusetts’ Pilgrim reactor.

The NRC quickly made clear that indeed, it doesn’t care what Deval, or any other governor, thinks. “We would only act to shut down the plant if we identified significant and pervasive problems that could call into question the facility’s safety,” NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan said in an email. “We have not seen issues of that magnitude at Pilgrim.”

In other words, the NRC says only it has the authority to close reactors, and it doesn’t have to listen to officials elected by the public.

But history shows it is not exactly true that only the NRC…

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