River ice extends south of Hartford 2/11/15

In 2013 I blogged on the thermal pollution from the nuclear reactor, Vermont Yankee,  at Vernon Vermont.  Since then the reactor has closed, and the river is cooler.  On 2/13/13 I drove south, looking for where the ice may reform.   At Agawam there was open water on the river, and I assumed there was no more ice covering  the river.  On 2/11/15 I returned to these spots.   Here are the photos for comparison:

In 2013 there is visible water at Pynchon Point in Agawam (you may click on he photos for a more detailed view):

Westfield River, 2/14/13

In 2015 the ice has completely  covered the Westfield River, and much of the Connecticut River

pynchon point panorama 2:11:15

On the river in Agawam in 2013 there were sheets of ice forming in the river, but open water.

Agawam, 1/24/13

This year when I went to Agawam, the entire river was covered with ice across the river.Agawan panorama 2:11:15

At this point I was curious how much  further south I could find ice.   In the past when I had gone over the 91 Bridge at Enfield there had been no open water, but this time, from the Enfield train station  the river was covered with ice.                                                                        Enfield train station, 2:11:15

I continued onto the Hartford Boat House, and the river was covered with ice:Hartford 2:11:15

I next went to the Rocky Hill Ferry.   It was below several oxbows, south of Hartford, and I reasoned that the current would be slow.  There we saw that the river was largely frozen:Rocky Hill panorama 2:11:15

There are places along the river where the current is strong and the river remains open, but in many places the river is frozen across the river.   In 2013 there was predominantly open water from Vernon to the sea.   With the closing of the nuclear reactor, the river is predominantly frozen from Vernon to Rocky Hill, Ct.


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