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Genetic changes in birds, in Japan, since 2011


There was a recent report (h/t to brother Tim) about abnormalities of the birds in Japan.    There has been a  study of bird since 1961 involving nearly one-half million birds.


On Oct. 24, 2011, a common reed bunting, a small migratory bird, was found with uneven tail feathers that had a moth-eaten appearance….But this sort of abnormality hasn’t been reported before. I’ve seen thousands of the birds, but it was the first time for me to see tail feathers like these.”…In at least one place, the ratio exceeded 25 percent. Birds born in 2011 account for 97.3 percent of the specimens with the abnormality.

bird wings


These findings suggest significant genetic aberrations that have never been seen before, and most likely are related to the disaster at Fukushima.   The birds though are being seen throughout Japan, because they can fly.