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The Radiation Safety Committee, RSC,  was formed to monitor the environment about the Yankee Vermont Nuclear Reactor.   Both the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the owners of Vermont Yankee say that there have been no significant leaks.  Some maintain that the leaks are caused only with major accidents such as occurred at Three Mile Island in 1979 or Chernobyl in 1986.    However, nuclear reactors periodically shut down for refueling.  When shut down, the reactors have to depressurize., and vent radioactive gases, including, tritium, radon, and other inert gases.  The NRC maintains that these leaks are inconsequential. The National Cancer Institute maintains that there is no increased risk.  The RSC is concerned that these releases are significant.   The Germans report on increased incidence of leukemia near nuclear reactors. The RSC proposes that the public provide independent monitoring with the use of Geiger Counters monitored by citizens.  The RSC plans to familiarize citizens with a understanding of radiation, how to detect radiation with a Geiger Counter, and to establish  a network of citizens to monitor radiation, to detect elevations, to communicate elevations to the public. We are interested in working with others, and invite them to send their data to this site, which will then be posted here.


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