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How to spend $5 trillion dollars on nuclear weapons

I recently found this essay on how much is the total cost of the US nuclear weapons arsenal.   The Department of Energy provided the nuclear material for free to the weapons manufacturers.  The military industrial congressional complex created many more weapons than the military requested.   Perhaps most ironic:

 As a result, one great irony of the Cold War is that although the United States produced nuclear weapons en masse to destroy the Soviet Union, and vice-versa, the principal victims of each country’s nuclear weapons were its own citizens.


Pope Francis praises Iran nuclear deal, and calls for abolition of all nuclear weapons

At UN, Pope Francis Praises Iran Nuclear Deal, Haaaretz, 25 Sept 15  Pope calls for a nuclear free world and also blasts the ‘selfish and boundless thirst for power and material prosperity.’ DPA and Reuters Sep 25, 2015 Pope Francis expressed praise on Friday for the nuclear deal struck with Iran and called for the abolition […]

God bless Pope Francis. I can stand behind some Catholic doctrine