Tesla wants to change the world. It just might happen.

A solar battery that stores. It’s price is falling.The battery is attractive. This could fundamentally change the energy market.


The Tesla PowerWall. Photo by Tesla. The Tesla PowerWall. Photo by Tesla.

Last week, Elon Musk and his Tesla corporation changed the world. Or so you might think from reading the press coverage about Musk’s long-expected announcement that the gigafactory Tesla is building in Nevada will produce batteries not only for Tesla automobiles, but to use as storage for renewable energy–especially rooftop solar–as well.

EverReady is probably pretty jealous; an announcement about a new battery has never received so much attention.

As one might expect, the New York Times carried the most straightforward story about the new Tesla battery. The Washington Post took the opportunity to add more context, and useful context at that, to the story in Why Tesla’s announcement is such a big deal: The coming revolution in energy storage.

Jeff McMahon at Forbes took the most provocative approach; his piece was titled Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power?

We reposted McMahon’s…

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